RES 500 OL - Research Strategies


prepared by William Badke (REVISED May 2012)

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How is this course accredited?

Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS), the theological graduate school of Trinity Western University, is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.   Trinity Western University is a member of the Association of Colleges and Universities in Canada.

William Badke is full time librarian (M.L.S; M.Th.) and a associate professor at ACTS and has been teaching credit courses in research at both undergraduate and graduate levels for 20 years. He is the author of Research Strategies: Finding Your Way through the Information Fog, 4th ed. (Lincoln, NE:, 2011).  NOTE - There is a shorter online version of the textbook, but for students taking this course, the more comprehensive paper edition is required.

TTextbook Cover

For information on how to purchase a copy of this textbook, go to:

William Badke has published a number of academic articles as well as five non-fiction and three fiction books.

For institutional users of the course, your own institutional accreditation is all that is required. The full course is available to the institution, and all graded assignments may be returned to you at your request in order to ensure that your institutional standards are not compromised.



In order to receive information on registration procedures and course fees, simply send us an e-mail , indicating that you are considering the course for graduate credit (graduate credit requires you already to have a bachelor's degree).  Undergraduate credit is not available.

We will send you the appropriate information without obligation.

Should you wish to register for the course, follow the procedures outlined in the material we have sent to you.


Conditions of Use   Top

The course, Research Strategies, is available for the use of students and faculty of institutions that wish to license it for their own curricula.

Please be reminded that all course materials are copyright and may not be used or adapted without permission. Multiple copies or copies made for sale are not permitted.  This course may not be offered at other institutions without licensing.

The course is not password protected, though the above restrictions still apply.


Institutional Licensing    Top    

Institutions may license the course on a per student basis for use within their own curricula, either at undergraduate or graduate level. 

To apply officially to license the course, contact us by e-mail.

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