Important Notice About Waitlists:

If you see a "W" in the status column of your "Student Schedule," it indicates that the TWU online registration system has placed you on the waitlist for the course. This could mean the following:

  • “W*” means that the registrar's office has not yet received the required payment for the course. This has nothing to do with whether or not the class is full. Once your payment has been received, your status is automatically updated to "C" for current (if there are seats available) or “W” for waitlisted (if the class is full). To determine the amount owed go to the Student Portal and select Registration Invoice.
  • “W” means that all seats for the course are filled. If space becomes available, waitlisted students are automatically reclassified to "current" status, beginning with those who registered earliest.
  • The professor may allow additional students to be added to the class list. You may approach the instructor for his/her permission to attend the class. The instructor may move you to current status electronically.
  • Please note: We have designed our program around smaller, more intimate classes with margin for expansion; it is unusual for ACTS courses to fill to the point where no more students can be added. Students who find themselves on a waitlist will be able to access the class without difficulty. You are always encouraged to request a change of status. It is still a good idea to check on your status with the class Instructor or the ACTS Academic Advisor if your status remains at "W" after full payment.