ACTS Admission ... Explore the Possibilities

Our Admission Office can provide you with information, guidance, and help you to discern if ACTS Seminaries is right for you and your goals. We are ready to help you through each step of your educational journey, which can begin by contacting our Director of ACTS Admissions.

Select a Program

ACTS Seminaries offer a number of Graduate Degree and Diploma Programs. Some students are clear about what degree they wish to achieve early in their application process, others prefer to take some time before they commit to a program. We provide the option of taking up to 12 credit hours prior to choosing your degree program. Guidance and expertise to help you determine which course is best for you is offered through our Admissions' Office.

Apply to ACTS Seminaries

Apply online, which includes:

  • Contact information
  • Personal information
  • Academic background
  • Admissions statement
  • References
  • Your confirmation of the Responsibilities of Membership

Part of the application process is to select which of the five member seminaries will be your seminary of choice. When you receive your degree, it will be conferred co-jointly between your seminary of record and Trinity Western University.

If you have no seminary preference, one will be assigned to you. You may choose to change your seminary later if you wish. Once an online application has been submitted, an application account and login twuPASS will be created for you so that you can track your application progress.

Your Application Review

Your application will be reviewed when all of the required documents including academic transcripts, references, personal profile statement and any other information the admissions department may deem necessary is received.


Any questions regarding your application should be directed to the Director of ACTS Admissions. You will be advised if further information or clarification is needed. An offer of admission is sent by email followed by a hard copy of the letter to your mailing address.

Pre-Register for Courses

Your admission deposit will allow you to pre-register for courses online through the student portal at twuPASS. Contact the ACTS Academic Advising Office for assistance with course selection.


New Student Orientation takes place at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. For more information contact our Admissions' Office.