ACTS Master of Theology Degree Program Template

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Degree Completion: 30 Semester Hours

(Applicable to all specializations) Minimum 12 graduate theological stuides credits
6 credits of Hebrew, Greek, or Latin, OR a research-relevant modern language
Reading competency in a language other than English may be required depending on thesis subjest.
General Studies (6 Semester Hours):
  3 MTH 890 Research Writing & the Ministry of Scholarship
3 MTH 889 Master of Theology Seminar
Specializations (15 Semester hours):
Five Advanced level courses. Click on specialization for more details
  15 Contemporary Apologetics
History of Christianity
Old Testament Studies
New Testament Studies
Septuagint Studies
Theological Studies
Missiology/Cross-Cultural Studies
Thesis (9 Semester Hours):
  3 MTH 891 Thesis Writing I
3 MTH 892 Thesis Writing II
3 MTH 893 Thesis Writing III
0 MTH 894 Thesis Continuation (if necessary)