Master of Divinity Advanced Standing with Credit

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Students, with undergraduate majors in Bible, Theology or Religious Studies, from accredited universities or Bible Colleges, may apply for Advanced Standing with Credit towards the ACTS MDiv degree. A typical student, who meets the criteria, may receive 1 semester of graduate credit (9-12 sem hrs). An an exceptionally well-prepared individual may receive up to 14 sem hrs of credit, reducing their program length to as low as 75 sem hrs.

Applications for Advanced Standing with Credit are made through the Registrar’s office and evaluated by the MDiv program committee. Prospective students are encouraged to apply as part of their initial application to the MDiv program. Approved Advanced Standing with Credit courses will appear on academic transcripts with a “P” (for “pass”) mark.

Advanced Standing with Credit is granted where it can be demonstrated that a student has broad competence in the subject area as a result of undergraduate training, with substantial content overlap between courses already taken and the proposed graduate course. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet these criteria by submitting appropriate documentation to the ACTS Registrar, who will forward documents to the MDiv committee for evaluation. This documentation must include:

  • A copy of the student’s undergraduate transcript. Students must have received a mark of “B” for a course to be eligible for Advanced Standing with Credit review.
  • Syllabi from at least two courses (300-400 level only) that provide overlapping content coverage with the ACTS graduate course. To strengthen the case for credit, students may also provide a sample quality research paper from the courses under review or additional overlapping syllabi. Bible language exception: undergrad Elementary Hebrew or Greek may be accepted directly for graduate credit on the basis of only 1 course, but students are encouraged to submit ALL undergrad biblical language syllabi for Advanced Standing with Credit for Biblical language reviews.
  • A copy of the syllabus of the ACTS course for which Advanced Standing with Credit is being requested. ACTS syllabi may be downloaded from Acts Archived Syllabi.
  • A cover letter explaining exactly how the upper level undergraduate courses adequately cover the content of the related ACTS graduate course.


  • Advanced Standing with Credit is only available for first year graduate courses (500 level).
  • Only 1 of these 2 courses may be given Advanced Standing with Credit: HIS 540 or HIS 541.
  • The following courses at ACTS are not eligible for Advanced Standing with Credit: Christian Leadership Development (CLD); Believer’s Church Theology (THS 571)

Examples of ACTS courses that may be considered for Advanced Standing with Credit:

  • BIE 500: Introduction to the Bible (2 sem. hrs.)
  • BIE 505: Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics (3 sem. hrs.)
  • BIL 500: Greek I (3 sem. hrs.)
  • BIL 501: Greek II (3 sem. hrs.)
  • BIL 503: Hebrew Tools (3 sem. hrs.)
  • CAPS 560: Challenges to Christianity (3 sem. hrs.)
  • HIS 540: Church History I or HIS 541: Church History II (one only)
  • THS 500: Introduction to Theology (2 sem. hrs.)

If you wish to apply, please fill out the Advanced Standing with Credit Application and send form with attachments to the ACTS registrar’s office.