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ACTS Master of Divinity Degree

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The Master of Divinity is one of the most comprehensive programs in the ACTS curriculum.

The MDiv degree combines biblical studies and theology to help equip you to help fill the growing need for professional Christian leaders in Canada and around the world. You will be prepared to energetically strengthen, revitalize and multiply communities of believers.

The program's centerpiece, the Christian Leadership Development (CLD) sequence, puts you in touch with current concepts in leadership through a creative cohort weekend process and significant hands-on learning. You will work closely with a dedicated team of faculty and mentors in the field to build character, knowledge, and experience. Electives allow you to choose a specialization of your choice. The MDiv is customizable for specific denominational needs.


The purpose of the degree is to develop godly leaders who will have a love and compassion for others growing out of their strong commitment to Jesus Christ and the Bible. A combination of classroom and church-based environment is used to equip graduates with spiritual maturity, biblical understanding, theological knowledge and practical skills. Graduates are equipped to plant, develop and lead healthy churches.

Candidacy Requirements:

Candidacy is approved by the MDiv committee based on evaluations gathered from the student’s faculty and pastoral mentors, as well as, from a professor of the student’s choice. Every attempt will be made to communicate clearly with the student throughout this process.

Candidacy takes place during the student’s first year and second semester of CLD. A grade will not be recorded for this course until a determination of candidacy is complete. Failure to achieve candidacy may mean that the student will be advised to do remedial work, consider a change of program, or a redirection of the student's academic priorities. Candidacy requires a minimum B grade for her or his first two CLD courses.

Graduation Requirements:

The graduation requirements for the Master of Divinity degree include:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.50;
  • Completion of all course and internship requirements (89 semester hours);
  • Completion of at least 45 semester hours of study at ACTS towards completion of the MDV;
  • Give evidence of consistent Christian character, conduct, and biblical faith and recommendation accordingly by the faculty.

Students may apply up to 15 semester hours of credits to the MDiv earned through the ACTS Graduate Guided Distance Education Courses.

Vocational Outcomes:

ACTS seeks to stand behind its graduates. Graduates have found placement in areas such as: pastoral ministry; adult and youth ministries; para-counselling/recovery ministries; religious education; publishing; health and welfare ministries; chaplaincy; teaching; administration; and communications.

Randy Wollf

Randy Wollf, Ph. D.
Master of Divinity Program Chair

Randy's areas of passion are prayer and spiritual formation. In his courses he focuses on leadership development and team building, transformational servant leadership, global networking and missions, as well as collaborative strategic planning and implementation, authentic Christ-centred community.