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ACTS Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Ministry

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The M.A. in Cross-Cultural Ministry provides contemporary, practical and academic preparation for effective service in global missions.

The purpose of the MACM is to equip women and men to be effective in cross-cultural and multicultural settings. Through coursework, mentoring and structured practicum, students will develop greater sensitivity to persons with diverse worldviews and gain skills to engage in cross-cultural ministries that equip others. Visionary servant leadership is the MACM’s philosophic model that guides the learning process.


  • Understand theologically the redemptive mandate and the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom to the ends of the earth;
  • Envision and develop new missiological approaches, methods and techniques for Kingdom building;
  • Understand mission history and articulate its influence on the current state of the mission enterprise, with particular reference to the challenges of contextualization;
  • Understand how cultures function, including elements of worldview and leadership formation;
  • Research and describe a culture, while gaining understanding of their own cultural background;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of personal spiritual formation and spiritual conflict, particularly in cross-cultural contexts; Understand adult learning theory and its application to church leadership formation;
  • Understand the concept of servant leadership and be willing to serve under the authority of the host people;
  • Demonstrate flexibility and an innovative spirit that thrives in the context of cross-cultural and team dynamics;
  • Evangelize through culturally sensitive and effective means.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Completion of the academic requirements with a minimal GPA of 2.7.
  • Participation in one short-term missions project during the program or previous to the program, formally supervised and evaluated. The short-term experience normally will be minimally three weeks in duration and must include cross-cultural experience.
  • Submission and acceptance of a thesis or major graduating essay and one additional three semester hour course.
  • Give evidence of consistent Christian character, conduct, and biblical faith and recommendation accordingly by the faculty.
  • Completion of at least 30 semester hours of study at ACTS towards the completion of the MACM.

Vocational Outcomes:

ACTS graduates have found placement in areas such as: church and community development; teaching, cross-cultural missions; urban ministries; community centres; and evangelism.

Joanne Pepper

Joanne Pepper, Ph.D.
Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Ministry
Program Chair

Joanne began her studies at Western Pentecostal Bible College (now Summit Pacific College), then went on to obtain a Master's degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Further studies at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and fieldwork in Pernambuco, Brazil, led to the completion of her Ph.D. from the University of Warwick, in Great Britian.