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The M.A. in Christian Studies degree equips graduates for Christian leadership.

This flexible, broadly-based program provides students with a biblical worldview, spiritual discipline, leadership skills, and a specialization in an area of interest. Students, attending full-time, may complete the program in 2 years. Those wishing to take a more relaxed pace have a maximum of 5 years to complete the program.
Note: The duration of the program may be affected by the Track chosen. Applications to the MACS can be submitted at any time. Once admitted, a student can register for any course offered that fits the program.
Northwest Baptist Seminary offers a Korean Pastoral Formation and Leadership Studies option within the ACTS MACS that provides vocational ministry leadership training in the Korean language. Details can be found on the Northwest Baptist Seminary website.


The Master of Arts in Christian Studies develops godly Christian leaders for service in the church and the broader Kingdom of God by equipping them to deepen and integrate a Christian world view into life and ministry.


The MACS degree offers nine streams of specialization that allow students to focus on a specific form of ministry. The nine streams of specialization to choose from are:

  • Christian Leadership Development
  • Contemporary Apologetics
  • Cross-Cultural Ministries
  • Church History
  • Church Planting Leadership
  • Pastoral/Church Ministries

Focused courses in Children’s Ministry and Ministry to Women are offered through the ACTS Centre for Ministry Excellence. These can be used as single electives or as a concentration of up to 12 credits within the “individually tailored” portion of the MACS degree. More information can be found at the Northwest Baptist Seminary website.


  • To acquire biblical and theological truth within the Believer's church tradition;
  • To construct a personal Christian world view;
  • To deepen spiritual character;
  • To develop leadership capacity;
  • To engage biblical/theological truth in the context of Christian ministry;
  • To pursue expertise in one self-chosen area of study.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Completion of 53 semester hours of study.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Completion of at least 30 semester hours of courses through ACTS, including the MACS Grad Essay MCS 810.
  • Full payment of all financial obligations at ACTS.
  • Give evidence of consistent Christian character, conduct, and biblical faith and recommendation accordingly by the faculty.

Vocational Outcomes:

Graduates have found placement in areas such as:

  • Church and community development;
  • Religious education and campus ministries;
  • Urban ministries and community food bank/emergency centres;
  • Children, youth, and adult ministries;
  • Missionary outreach;
  • Family life centre management;
  • Public relations;
  • Publishing/journalism;
  • Administration/management

Paul Chamberlain headshot

Paul Chamberlain Ph.D
Master of Arts in Christian Studies
Program Chair

Dr. Chamberlain holds a Master of Divinity from Trinity International University and a Ph.D. from Marquette University. He has authored several books, most recently Why People Don't Believe (Baker 2011), and published numerous articles in the fields of apologetics, ethics, and philosophy of religion.
Paul has served at ACTS Seminaries since 2001. Prior to his time at ACTS he served as Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Trinity Western University for ten years. During part of that time he also held the position of Canadian Executive Director of Ravi Zacharias Ministries. He has participated widely in public debates and has made guest appearances on numerous radio and TV programs. He frequently presents seminars and lectures in churches, universities and other community forums. Dr. Chamberlain has also served in various pastoral and teaching capacities in local churches. E-mail