ACTS Master of Arts in Christian Studies Program Template

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Degree Completion: 53 Semester Hours

Foundational Studies (5 Semester Hours):
2 BIE 500 Introduction to Bible
1 RES 500 Research Strategies
2 THS 540 Introduction to Theology
Core Program Courses (21 semester hours):
3 BIE 505 Biblical Hermeneutics
3 BIE ___ Old Testament Elective
3 BIE ___ New Testament Elective
3 HIS ___ Denominational/History Elective
3 THS 571 Introduction to Believer's Church Theology
3 THS 680 Christianity and Culture
3 THS ___ Theology Elective
Leadership Formation (6 Semester Hours):
*Students with substantial vocational ministry experience (5 + years), at the discretion of the seminary dean and the MACS program chair, may substitute a revised CLD course, an alternative course, or an elective.
3 CLD 510 Foundations of Christian Leadership
Choose one of the following courses:
3CLD 531Personal Dimensions of Leadership Development
CLD 532Power, Change, Conflict
CLD 533Mentoring, Team Building, and Equipping
CLD 534Vision, Strategic Planning, and Organizational Leadership
Individually Tailored Studies (18 Semester hours):
* Students are encouraged to use the electives in the Individually Tailored Studies to pursue a specialization options. This should be done in consultation with the program chair, faculty, and academic advisor.
1212 Semester Hours in Area of Specialization
66 Semester Hours of General Electives
Graduating Research Essay - Core (3 Semester hours):
3 MCS 810 Grad Essay