ACTS MACS Advance Standing


ACTS recognizes that students may have experienced significant learning through prior experiences, whether in College, University or non-traditional means, which overlaps to a large degree with selected courses offered in various graduate programs. In order to assist students to use their time and resources wisely and efficiently, ACTS provides opportunity to a student to apply for Advanced Placement with Credit. Such a process enables a student to enrich, diversify or shorten a program of study.

Advanced Standing with Credit

This is is the process by which students have their non-graduate, prior learning experiences evaluated in selected disciplines for the purpose of receiving graduate credit from ACTS within their specific program. It is a way of making decisions about student competence when no transcript of graduate credit is presented.  In making such a decision the institution must demonstrate that the student has the knowledge, competence or skills that normally would be provided by the specific courses for which they have been admitted without advanced standing. It is the respective program committee which determines the courses for which the student may seek Advanced Placement with Credit.

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Advanced Standing Without Credit

This is the process by which a student seeks to have certain program requirements waived because of prior learning and other, more advanced courses substituted without reduction in the overall amount of semester hours required to complete the program.

  1. Such decisions normally are made by the Academic Advisor in discussion with the student. There should be clear evidence based upon legitimate undergraduate transcripts and grades minimally at B level in order to justify such waiving of courses.

  2. A student then, with the help of the Academic Advisor, will select a substitute course normally in the same discipline area and normally at a more advanced level.

Normally, transfer credits are evaluated and determined through the Admissions office in cooperation with the appropriate Program Chair and the Registrar. In cases of dispute the respective Dean may also become involved.