MACS Advanced Standing with Credit

Application form

Operational Principles

  1. Students must apply in writing for Advanced Standing with Credit through the Office of the Registrar. This application must be received no later than 6 months after the student has received the formal letter of admission to his or her respective degree program.

  2. The following ACTS programs have approved the following maximum credits available for Advanced Standing with Credit in the identified degree programs:
Program Maximum AP
with Credit
Additional Hours
required at ACTS
Total Program
MDV 14 hours 75 89
MACS 8 hours 45 53
MLE 8 hours 41 49
MACM 8 hours 43 51
Advanced Standing with Credit is not available for any other ACTS programs.
  1. In the case of biblical languages, students who can show through undergraduate transcript that they have completed the introductory levels of language acquisition in Biblical Hebrew or New Testament Greek, may receive advanced standing with credit for BIL 500/501 or BIL 504/505 (but not for both languages) providing that the student has achieved minimally a B grade in each course considered.

  2. Advanced Standing with credit cannot be used to reduce the minimal 30 sem.hrs. of ACTS courses required for graduation within an ACTS degree.

  3. In cases where Advanced Standing with credit is approved, a grade of ‘P’ will be posted to the student’s academic record.

Procedural Details

Advanced Standing with credit is a serious academic process and must be treated as such by the student.

  1. The evaluation process will be assigned to a faculty member who normally teaches in that subject area.
  2. The student may not register for the next, higher course until the Advanced Standing with credit process is completed in the pre-requisite course.
  3. If the student is not successful in his or her challenge, then the student will be required to take the respective course.