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Research Topics

The following summaries are samples of dissertation topics undertaken by students in the DMin program. While these themes are only representative, they do highlight the breadth and the significance of the various research projects:

  • Pastoral Conflict:
    What factors helped church leaders, who experienced personal conflict in ministry, to process that experience so they could move forward in their own spiritual transformation?
  • Parents & Spiritual Formation of Their Children:
    How are pastors, their spouses and church leaders within churches from the FEB CENTRAL Region of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada encouraging parents to pass on their faith to their children? What barriers do they encounter and what successes are they reporting?
  • Training Next Generation Leaders:
    What impact does the British Columbia Leadership Development Network curriculum, practicum and coaching have on participants in regards to enhancing their leadership activities in their respective home congregations?
  • Staying in Church:
    What factors seem to contribute to ongoing church involvement among young adults in an English ministry congregation within Chinese churches? What further direction should the leaders of these churches glean from these responses?
  • Staying in Ministry:
    What factors do pastors in a Baptist denomination identify as critical to their well-being and their ability to stay long term in their ministries?
  • Training Leaders:
    How have selected North American Baptist churches successfully raised next generation leaders within their congregations? What do these churches report as the reasons for their success? How would such churches describe the intergenerational aspects of their leadership structure?
  • Spiritual Formation:
    What impact does an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius have in developing discernment and spiritual maturity among the adherents and members of one Baptist congregation?
  • Watching Movies:
    How does an equipping course that discusses selected spiritual themes in contemporary movies and music affect the confidence and openness of adult Christians to listen to media for the purpose of theological reflection?
  • Children & Small Groups:
    What effect does the presence of children have on the small group experience? What are the positive effects on the group when the children participate? What are the limitations on the group when children are present?
  • Hospitality-Can We Teach People to be Hospitable?
    The purpose of this dissertation project is to educate and empower adult Christians in a local church setting toward embracing biblical hospitality as a core value and practice in their lives as a means of missional spiritual formation.
  • Durability in Ministry:
    What are the apparent critical factors which Christian & Missionary Alliance Pastors and congregations in regions of B.C. claim have enabled them to experience long term healthy and effective ministries? What implications can be drawn for other denominations?
  • Boards of Small Churches:
    What do selected healthy boards of small churches report as the ingredients that help keep them working well together in that ministry setting?