The Korean Worldview Institute

The Korean Worldview Institute - affiliated with ACTS Seminaries - provides a Master of Arts in Christian Studies and Diploma in Worldview Studies program for Korean Christian leaders who want to become equipped with a Biblical worldview.

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Paul Seung-Hun Yang, Ph.D.

Director of the Korean Worldview Studies

M.S./Ph.D. in physics; M.A. in History of Science; M.A. in Theology
Visiting Lecturer at Northwest Baptist Seminary

Dr. Yang has combined studies in applied science with investigations into the history of science (M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison) and theology (M.A. in theology, Graduate School of Wheaton College) Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

After teaching as a professor of Physics within the Korean University system from 1983 to 1998, Dr. Yang moved to Canada to direct the activities of the Vancouver Institute for Evangelical Worldview Studies (VIEW). He seeks to assist Christian professionals and university scholars to integrate their Christian worldview more completely with their professional disciplines. His publications include papers in experimental solid state physics, science education and the historical interaction between Science and Christianity.