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Enrolment and Academics

1. Important Links:

Academic Calendar
Important Academic Information
Online Course Access
Academic Advising Office

2. Modular Course Registration

One Week Modular courses are offered throughout the year. Early registration (before the start of the semester) ensures your place on the class list and helps ACTS make decisions regarding these course schedules. Students may drop a modular course without penalty if they contact the Office of the Registrar more than 8 weeks before a class begins. After that, a $50 forfeit fee will be charged.

3. Pre-registration

Student attention to pre-registration assists us in planning for the coming semesters. Returning student accounts must be cleared in order for you to pre-register. Students can Register Online. Also, course listings and Registration forms can be downloaded from the Office of the Registrar webpage by following the links for Timetable or Forms. Please include your student number on the registration form along with your personal data.

4. Directed Study Application

Students enrolled in a program may apply for a Directed Study when timetable offerings do not include required elements of a program or in situations where a more focused study is desired within a program. The application procedure is as follows:

  • Pick up an Application for Directed Study Form at Office of the Registrar
  • Consult with the course instructor about your plans and obtain his/her signature on the application
  • Submit the Directed Study application with a copy of the syllabus & $50 Deposit to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Do not proceed without having the Directed Study approved.

    Note: A Directed Study should start and finish on the semester start and end dates posted for each semester (15 weeks). The student may withdraw from a Directed Study within 28 days of the initiation date and the student will receive a refund of tuition minus a $75 administration fee. Beyond this date, no withdrawal is permitted and no refund of tuition is granted.

5. Waitlisted Courses

A “W” in the status column of your “Student Schedule” means that the course is currently full and your name has been added to the waitlist for that course. If you are waitlisted for a course, you must use an Add/Drop form to collect the instructor's permission (signature) to remain in the class.

6. Financial Awards

Students have an opportunity once a year to apply for financial aid and awards. Application forms are available at the ACTS Office in Fosmark Center in December and are returned to that office when completed. If you are receiving Scholarship or Bursary awards, the funds will be credited to your account at the beginning of each semester. You must be registered as a full-time student (9 hrs. or more) to qualify for any ACTS award. See the Awards webpage for more information

7. ACTS Tuition Fees

8. Change of Registration

You must complete a “Change of Registration (Add/Drop)” form at Enrolment Services for all course changes:

  • Add a course/Drop a course
  • Change course from credit to audit
  • Change course from audit to credit
  • Change from waitlist to current registration

You may change your registration without penalty until the add/drop deadline date, which is posted each semester. The following table is a summary of changes in registration that are allowed by students during the semester(See Mattson Centre ES for detailed information).

Add a course

Drop a course

Withdraw from semester

Transcript record

Week 1-2





Week 3-6





Week 7-11




WP or WF

Week 12-15





When a change is made in registration, charges will be assessed to a student’s account as per the following schedule.

Add or Drop
Week 1-2

Charges waived

Drop a course
Week 3-6

10% tuition loss per week from start of semester

Withdraw from semester
Week 1-6

10% tuition loss per week plus a
withdrawal fee

Withdraw from semester
Week 7-11

No tuition refund;
no withdrawal fee

See Enrolment Services for detailed information re dropping modular classes and fees for total withdrawal from seminary.Information is also available in the Student Handbook on the ACTS webpage (

9. Change of Degree Program

If you should choose to change your degree (under the direction of your advisor), you need to fill in a "Change of Degree" form at Enrolment Services (

10. Medical Insurance

All students residing in Canada are required by law to carry Canadian Medical Coverage. Non-Canadian students who plan to live in BC for more than 6 months, must enrol in the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) within the first 3 months of arrival. When you arrive in Canada, you can purchase a three-month Interim Insurance at ACTS/TWU while you apply for MSP. Contact TWU Wellness Center for more details (

11. Student Visas

It is mandated by Immigration Canada (  that ALL International students are required to produce a Student Visa in order to be authorized to attend any recognized university in Canada. Please provide Enrolment Services with a copy of your Student Visa.

12. Transcripts

All transcript requests must be done in writing. You may request an official transcript by completing the “Transcript Request” form available at the Office of the Registrar webpage. Additional time may be required for transcripts ordered in April/May and December/January.

13. Course Syllabi

Syllabi are posted online as they become available. The textbook store has the textbooks on the shelf by course number. Be sure to download syllabi for modular and weekend courses well in advance of the course in order to complete pre-course assignments.

14. Library/ID Card

Your Library/ID Card is essential for your full access to the Library and its resources. New students can use their Student Schedule (printed out when you register) to take to the Front Desk office for a photo and preparation of your library card. Returning students should have their library cards updated at Enrolment Services upon payment of at least 50% of tuition and fees.

15. Grades

All regular semester courses are to be completed within that semester. Grade reports will be distributed to your campus email account after the conclusion of the semester. Summer courses and short courses must follow the schedule outlined in the syllabus for completion dates of that course. Grade reports for all summer courses will be sent out ONCE at the end of summer.

16. Request for Letter of Confirmation

Students who require a letter of confirmation of enrolment at ACTS, can submit the "Request for Letter" form, available at Enrolment Services. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for processing. The fee is $5. Requests should not be made until the minimum tuition payment has been made.

17. Meals & Housing

Students, faculty and staff can purchase food on a per meal basis from Trinity Western University cafeterias. Meal cards can be purchased through the TWU Front Desk. Payments for these cards should be made at Mattson Centre Enrolment Services.Students may apply to TWU for dorm accommodation (limited space available). An off-campus housing list is also available.

18. Parking

Each car on campus must have a parking permit. You can purchase a parking pass in September at a cost of approximately $180 that is valid September-April. Weekly passes are available at Enrolment Services. Day passes ($3.00 per day - subject to change) can be purchased at several parking ticket dispensers around campus.

19. Inclement Weather

In the event of deteriorating weather conditions overnight or other emergency situations, every effort will be made to communicate information regarding the cancellation of classes to the radio stations CKNW (980 AM), CKWX (1130 AM), MAX (850 AM), PRAISE (106.5 FM) and KARI (550 AM) by 6:30 a.m., and an announcement will be placed on the University's switchboard (604-888-7511) and website: The first announcement regarding a closure will cover the period up to 1:00 p.m. only. If classes are to be cancelled beyond 1:00 p.m., this decision will be announced by the same means before 11:00 a.m. that day. Students and faculty should assume that all night classes will continue to operate. If the emergency continues into the evening, students and faculty may check for a closure notice on the University's switchboard and website after 3:00 p.m. that day.

20. Research Ethics

Please note that all research projects involving human participants undertaken by members of the TWU university community (including projects done by ACTS students to satisfy course or degree requirements) MUST be approved by the Trinity Western University Research Ethics Board. Information and forms may be found at needing additional clarification may contact Dr. Bruce Guenther. Please allow at least three (3) weeks from the date of submission for a review of the application.

21. Academic Honesty

An essential discipline in the academic process is that of academic honesty. Students are expected to be familiar with the requirements of academic honesty and to adhere to the principles of academic integrity as outlined in the Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty policy.

22. Academic Papers - Formatting

Style and format guides for term papers and assignments are listed below. If in doubt please default to the Turabian Guide. Students are encouraged to view the documents on the following websites:

Students in the Counselling Program are expected to purchase the APA Publications Manual. More information found at the following website:

CanIL students can locate this on the CanIL intranet, under the "student" tab. This is only available in the CANIL building. A hard copy is given to incoming students in the fall. CanIL website:

It is always a good idea to check with your professor to see which format they recommend you use.