Speakers Bureau



    Kent Anderson

    Kent Anderson, Ph.D.
    President & Dean of
    Northwest Baptist Seminary

    Dr. Anderson is available for:
    • Preaching & Teaching the Bible
    • Preaching to the Postmodern Mind
    • Spiritual Formation for Leaders
    • Integrity and Pastoral Ethics
    • Motivating People for Ministry Today
    • More Information

    John Auxier

    John Auxier, Ph.D.
    Chair of Smarter Families Canada
    DeanĀ of Trinity Western Seminary

    Dr. Auxier is available for:
    • Expository Preaching
    • "Motivational Interviewing for Addictions" Professional Workshop
    • Speaking on various marriage and familty topics
    • Marriage Seminars/Conferences
    • More Information

    Daryl Busby

    Daryl Busby, D. Min.
    President of
    Canadian Baptist Seminary

    Dr. Busby is available for preaching and teaching on:
    • Old Testament Exposition
    • Change and Conflict in the Church
    • Pastoral Ethics
    • More Information

    Brian cooper

    Brian Cooper, Ph.D.
    Dean of
    Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary

    Dr. Cooper is available for preaching and to speak on:
    • Theology of Christian Social Engagement
    • Science and Theology
    • Church and State
    • Historical/Biblical/Systematic Theology
    • Reformation history
    • More Information

    Sherman Lau

    Sherman Lau, D.Min.(Qualifying Studies)
    Admissions Counsellor for
    Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary
    Associate Pastor of The Life Centre

    Sherman is available to speak on:
    • Growing Your Cultural Intelligence
    • Using Internet Technologies in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship
    • More Information

    Bruce Guenther

    Bruce Guenther, Ph.D.
    President of
    Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary

    Dr. Guenther is available for Seminars on:
    • His Dominion? The Church and Canadian Culture
    • Towards a Mennonite Theology of Culture
    • Learning from the Past: Leadership Ideas from Church History
    • Christianity and Culture
    • Occasional Pulpit supply
    • More Information

    Rob Hiebert

    Rob Hiebert, Ph.D.
    Director of the Wevers Institute for Septuagint Studies

    Dr. Hiebert is available for on:

    Cal Netterfield

    Cal Netterfield, D.Min.
    President of Development for
    Canadian Baptist Seminary

    Dr. Netterfield is available to speak on:
    • The Atonement
    • Distress Proofing your Life
    • Telling the Truth with Grace
    • Baptist History & Thought
    • The Global Growth of Baptists

    Larry Perkins

    Larry Perkins, Ph.D.
    Fellow of the Wevers Institute for
    Septuagint Studies

    Dr. Perkins is available for on:
    • New Testament Preaching/Teaching
    • Teaching on Biblical Interpretation:
      History and Literature
    • More Information

    Wendell Phillips

    Wendell Phillips, D. Min.
    ACTS Seminaries Registrar

    Dr. Phillips is available for:

    Paul Yang

    Paul S. Yang, Ph.D.
    Director of Korean Worldview Studies Program
    Dr. Yang is available for teaching on:
    • Science and Christianity
    • Creation/Evolution Controversy
    • Christian Worldview
    • More Information