Doug Trick

Doug Trick, D.Min.

Program Chair of Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis

What Drives Doug?

Every person communicates.Language is a bit like the air we breathe - we can't live without it. And we all have certain assumptions about the way language and communication works. And many of those assumptions are untested - we "get them for free" from various sources (parents, peers, advertisers, movies, teachers, preachers, etc.) And as Albert Einstein says, "Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." Doug loves to keep learning about God's wonderful gift of communication, how He communicates Himself to us, and how He enables us to communicate Himself to one another. And his passion is to see God's self-revelation available to all peoples.

Personal Information:

Doug has been married to Phyllis since 1978, and they have four adult children (including a son-in-law). His favourite authors include CS Lewis, John Eldredge, and George MacDonald; favourite artists include Michael Card and Steve Bell. Doug enjoys reading, listening to music, praying, watching movies, cycling, and the day after the yard work is finished.


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (D.Min. in Bible Translation, 2013); Thesis Title: "Optimizing Translation Training at Canada Institute of Linguistics."
University of Texas at Arlington (M.A. Linguistics, 1980).
Providence College, Otterburne, MB (B.R.E., 1977).

Ministry Experience

1981-2006 - Bible translation and related ministries in Philippines: sociolinguistic survey; linguistic analysis and description; language development; translation; lexicography consulting; teaching at Alliance Graduate School, Manila)
2006-present - ACTS/CanIL faculty

Recent Publications

1997.  Equi-NP deletion in Sama Southern. Philippine Journal of Linguistics 28.125-144.
2001.  Serving as consultant to larger teams.  SIL: Lingualinks 5.0 (Consulting Bookshelf).
2004.  Questions for Testing Translations:  Genesis.  SIL & UBS: Translators' Workplace.
2004.  Serving as a Consultant to Dictionary Compilers.  (Paper presented at Lexicography Conference, Payap University Linguistics Department, Chiangmai, Thailand (24-26 May 2004.)
2008.  Ergative Control of Syntactic Processes In Southern Sinama.  Studies in Philippine languages and cultures 19: 184-201.
2011.  "Assumed and trusted similarity" - when we've translated, what is it that we've done?  (Paper presented at BT2011, Bible Translation conference, GIAL, Dallas, TX)
2013.  Review of Challenging the Traditional Axioms: Translation Into a Non-Mother Tongue, by Nike K. Pokorn.  2005.  Published in SIL International, Electronic Book Reviews.

Sinama Publications (involvement as co-translator)

2002.  Panduh Háp [New Testament Letter of James].  Manila:  Bible League.
2003.  Salsila Al-Masi min Kitab Injil [Luke's Gospel].  Manila:  Bible League.
2005.  Kitab Panagnaan [Genesis].  Manila:  Bible League.
2009.  Kahinangan saga Wakil Al-Masi [Acts of the Apostles].  Manila: Bible League.