ACTS Faculty Profiles

ACTS instructors come from a variety of denominational and ministry backgrounds. Several faculty have written books, published recognized research, and are actively involved in ministry as pastors, counselors, missionaries and translators. Regardless of their different backgrounds and abilities, ACTS professors all share the same goal which is to equip you to pursue God's call in your life.

They are accessible and willing to help you develop and refine your ministry goals. Close relationships between faculty and students are further encouraged by small class sizes, which provide many opportunities for teacher/student interaction. In addition, professors - not teaching assistants - teach your classes and grade your papers.

During your course of study, ACTS instructors will expose you to as many different ministry opportunities and experiences as possible. As you get to know the professors personally, you"ll soon discover how their knowledge and ongoing, real-world experience can help you prepare to meet the challenges of ministry.