Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis Courses (MLE)

    MLE 803 - Research Writing  (1 hr.)
    This course is designed to help prepare the student to research, write, and defend a graduate thesis, and, more broadly, to engage effectively in the ministry of Christian scholarship. It explores broad epistemological issues which shape research within the Christian worldview, and considers other specific issues and methodologies related to research writing in the fields of specialization represented by the MTS, MLE, CCM, and MTh programs. Students are challenged to develop the skills of persuasion in the academic context, and also to build a personal philosophy of scholarly ministry. Each student will construct a draft thesis proposal as part of the course.
    MLE 830 - Thesis Seminar  (1 hr.)
    MLE 831 - Thesis  (2 hrs.)
    MLE 832 - Thesis   (3 hrs.)
    MLE 834 - Continuing Status  (0 hrs.)