Leadership Studies Courses (LDR)

    LDR 560 - Servant Visionary Leadership  (3 hrs.)
    The student will study the history, definitions, research theories and biblical content supporting the concept of servant visionary leadership. Further, the student will understand the basic functions of leadership and the issues surrounding the leader as a person, with special application to Christian non-profit organizations. Taking their own season of life and values into consideration, the student will analyze their own leadership style and how to shift their style in ministry situations. A number of inventories and learning tools will assist the student in analysis.
    LDR 611 - Mentoring, Equipping and Team Building  (3 hrs.)
    Building on an understanding of visionary leadership and voluntarism, the student will develop a personal philosophy and practice of equipping leaders and building ministry teams. This will include motivating, recruiting, mentoring, equipping and evaluating individuals and teams at lay and professional levels. The course requires peer evaluation, group work and field assignments. For MACS students LDR 560 is a prerequisite for taking LDR 611.
    LDR 613 - Vision and Strategic Planning for Ministry  (3 hrs.)
    This course is designed to provide leaders with a biblical perspective on planning, the skills to develop a shared vision for ministry, and a set of practical planning tools for making progress toward that vision. The course will include development of a strategic overview and plan for a selected ministry or organization.
    LDR 615 - Power, Change and Conflict  (3 hrs.)
    This course develops a multi-perspective approach to understanding the fundamental issues of power, change, and conflict in ministry organizations. The course includes study of practical strategies for reacting to change and resolving conflict.
    LDR 652 - Spiritual Formation for Leaders  (3 hrs.)
    Leaders must know how to develop their own spiritual life and how to lead others in cultivation of a relationship with God. This course will examine how themes of spirituality and spiritual growth can be nurtured in one’s own life and encouraged in others through prayer, meditation, Bible study, and individual and corporate worship. The course will include consideration of several major spiritual traditions within the Christian faith as well as biblical and historical examples of spiritual leadership. Several exercises in spiritual formation will be built into the class structure.
    LDR 671 - Theory, Practice and Issues in Cross-Cultural Leadership  (3 hrs.)
    This course will address the growing needs for leadership development and training in cross-cultural settings. Based on biblical, historical, cultural, psychological and sociological theory and perspectives, students will focus on their personal leadership development, the training of others and general leadership strategies for world evangelism.