Family & Social Science Studies Courses (FSC)

    FSC 500 - Family Ministry (Korean) (3 Credits)
    The nature, function, form and importance of family, the evaluation of the modern family, and the relationship of the church to the family are considered particularly from within a biblical worldview. Theories and foundations for family-oriented ministry within the local church are also examined.
    FSC 501 - Education in Korean Culture (Korean) (3 Credits)
    Formal and informal education in Korean society is overviewed and evaluated from within a biblical perspective. The importance of the ultimate purpose of life and educational aims is presented. Also, current issues such as over-competition, excessive expense for additional, private education, the identity crisis of Christian schools, alternative school movements, etc., are reviewed.
    FSC 502 - Social Issues in Korea (Korean) (3 Credits)
    This course is designed to present the Christian perspectives on current social issues in the 21st Century such as capitalism and economic justice, taxation and land ethics, social corruption, the handicapped and social welfare and economic growth.
    FSC 504 - Bio-Medical Ethics (3 Credits)
    This course is designed to present Christian/Biblical perspectives on current biomedical issues. Starting from biblical principles, this course will promote evangelical commitment, which enables students to specify clearly where and why problems arise in the biomedical area and how Christians can be helped effectively in making decisions regarding current biomedical issues.
    FSC 510 - Marriage & Communication (3 Credits)
    This course will serve as a teaching/learning experience for marital communication. God’s original purpose for marriage, definition of Christian marriage, roles of the husband and the wife, characteristics of a healthy functioning marriage and the importance of communication will be discussed. lecture will cover such topics as the principles and methods of effective communication and conflict management.
    FSC 602 - Faith, Justice & Public Policy (3 Credits)
    This course aims to explore the relevance of Christian political thought for the pursuit of just public policy today, drawing where appropriate on public policy experts. Engaging with diverse Christian perspectives, we will consider relevant insights for contemporary issues such as: the role of government; religious and cultural pluralism; democracy and constitutional reform; regionalism and nationalism; human right; equality and welfare.
    FSC 611 - Contemporary Issues of the Family (3 Credits)
    This course explores the challenges of developing and maintaining a healthy family life in the contemporary world. It deals with such issues as contemporary family structure, divorce, remarriage, homosexuality, and premarital pregnancy.