ACTS Student Services

Student Mailboxes

Student mailboxes are located in the main office area at Fosmark Centre. A student must register for 5 or more credits to receive a mailbox number. Please check the list on the wall across from the mailboxes for your number and remember to frequently check your box. If your name is not on the list, please advise the receptionist in the ACTS main office.

Meals & Housing

Students, faculty and staff can purchase food on a per meal basis from TWU's cafeterias. Meal cards are purchased through the TWU Front Desk Housing Office. Payments for these cards are made to the the Office of the Registrar. Students may apply to TWU for dorm accommodation (limited space available). An Off-Campus Housing List is available.


Each car on campus must have a parking permit. See TWU Parking for more details.

Health Care

A campus doctor and nurse are available during regular office hours in the Wellness Centre. A current list of physicians and other health professionals is included in the Student Handbook.

All students must be covered by some form of health insurance. Canadian students should make certain they are covered at home or obtain BC Medical Insurance. It is necessary to acquire medical coverage before registration can be completed.

Counselling Services

Staff and faculty are available to meet with students regarding issues they wish to discuss. Each student is assigned to a faculty member/mentor who is available as a counsellor and friend. Matters which require professional intervention will be referred to outside professionals. TWU Counselling Services located on campus can offer longer term counselling.