ACTS Student Resources

Commitment to Community Membership and Lifestyle

Our lifestyle commitment, as outlined in the Responsibilities of Membership, is the agreed upon framework for a clear statement to the world that we want to be very much in the world but not conformed to its patterns.

Each student signs this form when applying and shall be accountable to the spirit and the letter of the statement and be consistent in maintaining its standards while a student in the ACTS Seminaries. We also strongly encourage all students to be actively involved in a local church.

The Career Development Office

The TWU Career Development Office is a resource for seminary students. It provides a registry of available career and part-time positions in church ministry and para-church groups, a library of career information, computers to aid in the formatting of a resume, and counsellors trained to assist in career planning.

The TWU Library

The TWU Library houses over 406,000 items including 190,000 volumes in biblical and theological studies.

TWU Bookstore

The TWU Bookstore offers books, textbooks, CD music, gift items, cards, computer and school supplies.

The Graduate Collegium

The Graduate Collegium, located in the Fosmark Building, is designed to create a unique space for all ACTS students. A fully equipped kitchen, spacious lounges surrounding a fireplace and open patio outdoors provide opportunity to connect with friends or faculty. Four private meeting rooms are provided for class projects or individual study available through reservation.

Community Links for the Surrounding Area

ACTS Seminaries is located on the campus of Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia Langley is part of a vibrant group of communities within the Lower Mainland region of B.C.