ACTS Student Registration

Anyone wishing to enroll in studies at ACTS Seminaries must first be admitted as a student. If you have not yet applied for study at ACTS, please complete the online application.

Once you are admitted to a program and given student status, you can register for the courses you desire to take during the various semesters in which they are offered. Please read ACTS/TWU Registration Guide and Policies carefully. Student attention to registration assists us in planning for the coming semesters. All registration is managed online. Course listings may be viewed and downloaded from Timetable.

These direct links to the Office of the Registrar's website provide current information on how to pay your student account:

Payment Dates - provides info on tuition payment deadlines.
Payment Options - provides info on several payment plans offered by ACTS/TWU.
Payment Methods - provides info on how to make your payments.

The Security Deposit is a refundable deposit required of all ACTS students. The deposit will be used to cover areas of student indebtedness to the University including outstanding parking and library fines, etc. Should there be any charges against this deposit, reinstatement to the full amount ($100) by the beginning of the next semester at the University will be required.

The Security Deposit Refund is refunded less any outstanding charges at the end of a student's studies at the University. Security Deposit Refunds are processed once a year during the summer months and will be mailed to the student's permanent home address. There are no cash refunds on Security Deposits.

Student Email Accounts
All students must activate their TWU campus email account through the Student Portal. This is the primary communication link for all official messages from your instructor, the Office of the Registrar and ACTS Administration. If you have a preferred personal email address, you can forward all email from your TWU account to your personal account once your campus account is activated. Please ensure that we have a current record of your personal email address along with your surface mail address and phone number. Full and fluent access to the internet is an essential asset.