ACTS Student Academics

ACTS Seminaries Office of the Registrar

As the Graduate School of Theological Studies of Trinity Western University, ACTS Seminaries manages all of its Registration and Student Accounts through the Office of the Registrar of Trinity Western University.

  • General information about the Office of the Registrar is available on the public website including transcript requests and many other services.
  • Online registration for newly admitted and current students is available through the Services Portal.
  • Email inquiries and requests for the Office of the Registrar can be sent to Registrar

Academic Papers - Formatting

Students in the Marriage & Family Therapy Program must purchase the APA Publications Manual. More information can be found at

CanIL students may find formatting guidance on the CanIL intranet, under the "student" tab. This is only available in the CanIL building. A hard copy is given to incoming students in the fall.

Research Ethics

All research projects involving human participants undertaken by members of the TWU university community (including projects done by ACTS students to satisfy course or degree requirements) MUST be approved by the Trinity Western University Research Ethics Board.

Information and forms may be found at Please allow at least three (3) weeks from the date of submission for a review of the application.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to be familiar with the requirements of academic honesty and to adhere to the principles of academic integrity as outlined in the Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty Policy.

Disciplinary and Dispute Resolution

Matters of discie are referred to the respective seminaries and deans. Violation of the Community Standards may be reason for exercise of discipline. Conflict resolution procedures are posted in each seminary office.

Course Delivery Cycle Tool

The 60 Month Course Cycle Strategy is a basic planning tool for students as they prepare and plan toward the completion of their degree program. It provides information on the frequency and availability of given courses.

Please note the following disclaimers below:

  • This is a work in progress and subject to change.
  • This document attempts to identify all the core required courses across all of our programs and schedule them in a way that makes them accessible to students.
  • This worksheet does not include elective courses that we may offer from time to time through our own faculty or visiting faculty.
  • This worksheet does not include information on final timetable details including instructor names and course schedules.
  • Final timetable details are released in advance of each semester at an appropriate time according to the following schedule: FALL timetable first draft in late March; SPRING timetable in late November; and SUMMER timetable first draft in late November.
  • ACTS does not offer any programs that can be taken exclusively online. All students are required to take classes on campus at some time in the academic program from which they plan to graduate.
  • Online delivery is not possible for every subject. There are some subjects that can only be taught in a face to face context.
  • All classes are taught in a synchronized manner. That is, there is a specific start and end date for every class, along with various assignment due dates, regardless of delivery. Online classes are no exception here and students should not assume online classes do not have a schedule. Correspondence courses are a modest exception in that students have up to 6 months to complete these courses as opposed to the usual 15 weeks in a semester. In all cases, students must adhere to schedules and timelines to complete their assignments in a timely manner.

ACTS Seminaries strives to make the courses students need for their various programs as accessible as possible. Recognizing the schedule and travel needs of students, a variety of delivery strategies are used as outlined below.

Face to Face Delivery on Campus:

  • Weekly classes: These classes meet throughout the core semesters of Fall (September/ December) and Spring (January/ April). These classes are scheduled once a week for a lecture period of 2 hours and 40 minutes for the duration of a semester and generally meet for 12 sessions plus 1 exam period in any given Fall or Spring semester.
  • One week classes: These classes meet for a 1 week period, 4 hours per day, for 5 days in a row, Monday Friday. These 1 week modular classes are scheduled for the Fall reading week (last week of October), the Spring reading week (last week of February) and at various times throughout the Summer semester (May August). 1 week classes always require advance reading and preparation and students should plan to start these assignments as early as possible by downloading a syllabus from the ACTS website as it comes available.
  • Weekend classes: These classes meet for 3 weekends in a semester with as many as 10 hours of lecture provided on the Friday evening and all day Saturday. Similar to the 1 week classes, there is usually advance reading required and students need to be diligent in their advance preparations.

Remote Delivery:

  • Online classes: A select number of courses are available online for students. These courses are similar to the weekly classes in that they have fixed start and end dates with various due dates throughout a semester for various assignments. These courses are typically designated with a section of OL as a reference to online delivery.
  • Distance Learning Courses: Traditional distance learning courses are also available permitting students to complete assignments through correspondence with an assigned faculty tutor.