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The ACTS Community

Commitment to Serve Students

Students shape the life and development of ACTS as much as the educational journey shapes the life of each student. We value our students and their influence upon the collective community...see TWU/ACTS Student Handbook. Our commitment is to provide excellent service and support in the classroom, in administration, and in the advising process.

Commitment to Grow Together

Interacting with students from other cultures, worshipping alongside fellow students and faculty, sharing of community activities and meals, all contribute to a rich environment for personal growth and development. As you get involved in student activities, share your enthusiasm and creativity, and form lifelong friendships, you'll experience what the ACTS community is all about.

Commitment to Community Membership and Lifestyle

Our lifestyle commitment, as outlined in the Responsibilities of Membership, is the agreed upon framework for a clear statement to the world that we want to be very much in the world but not conformed to its patterns.

Each student signs this form when applying and shall be accountable to the spirit and the letter of the statement and be consistent in maintaining its standards while a student in the ACTS Seminaries. We also strongly encourage all students to be actively involved in a local church.