Is ACTS Seminaries the place for you?

Collegium fireplaceMost prospective students considering seminary level education don't usually start the process by thinking about lounge chairs, a fireplace and a circle of fellow students.

At ACTS, even though we have high emphasis on academic excellence that provide students with a Master's level graduate education, we are much more than classrooms and a degree.  The ACTS educational leadership development process is a life shaping experience with an intentional focus on experiencing a mentoring community. After all, coming together is at the heart of what ACTS Seminaries is all about.

The Graduate Collegium represents a tangible expression of our commitment to being a mentoring community. Daily it is filled with students seeking an opportunity to learn and grow together. Our student collegium is an inviting place for students and faculty to engage one another outside of the classroom. It's true that studying for a graduate degree won't always feel like sitting in an easy chair, but life at ACTS provides the opportunity for so much more than the important work of academic learning.

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