How to Apply

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    Important Admission Information

    • All degree programs normally require an undergraduate degree or equivalent as a prerequisite for admission. The particular nature of the bachelors' degree may vary. Applicants should consult the specific description of each degree program.
    • Each candidate must show evidence of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, submission to His will, and receive positive recommendation of his/her church congregation. All students agree to the Community Standards and signify this by signature.
    • Students must register in one of the ACTS 5-member seminaries.
    • “ACTS” is the name given to an arrangement between five seminaries by which they share faculty and finances to offer eight excellent graduate degree programs. Simply put, this means that ACTS is not itself a seminary – it is a consortium of seminaries, or in legal terms, a partnership agreement. This means that every person who intends to study at ACTS is admitted as a student into one of the five partner seminaries, and that no one “goes to” ACTS even though the consortium functions like a single institution in many ways. New students should therefore choose a seminary in which to enrol that is a good fit, giving consideration to such matters as denominational affiliation and funding, theological affinity, future occupational intentions, and personal preference.  If necessary, admissions staff would be glad to assist you in selecting a seminary connection that is best for you.
    • Prospective students may apply using the application and references available online or in hard copy and submit all educational and other documents stated on the form. The application fee of $40 CDN or USD ($75 for Doctor of Ministry) is payable on submission of the application form.
    • ACTS welcomes students from other denominations into our programs as facilities permit. The Admissions Committee will review each application and other relevant documents. A candidate is notified as soon as possible of his/her status. Candidates may be asked to appear for a personal interview as part of the admissions process.
    • Qualified international students may be admitted on the same basis as other students. Some some conditions apply. See International Students for more information.

    Application Deadlines

    All Masters and Diploma applications should be submitted by:

    • July 1 (international students by May 1)for enrolment in the Fall semester
    • November 1 (international students by September 1) for enrolment in the Spring semester.
    • March1 (international students by January 1) for enrolment in the Summer semester
    • Doctor of Ministry applications are due July 1st for enrolment in Fall of the same year.
    • Late applications will be considered as space is available. MACS applications may be submitted at any time.

    Transfer Credits

    • Students may seek to transfer graduate level credits received at another accredited institution. If deemed equivalent to course work required for the degree program applied to, the student may be granted transfer credit. The amount of transfer credit will be determined by the Program Committee. Courses, in which a grade of B- or lower, will not be considered for transfer.
    • In the case of credits received from a non-accredited institution, a maximum of 30 hours is permitted depending on the program chosen. These are transferable only after the student has successfully completed 15 semester hours at ACTS with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
    • Courses, taken at an undergraduate level, cannot be transferred into a graduate program. Some advanced placement may be granted (i.e. course exemptions replaced by electives) based on subjects studied.
    • No transfer credit is accepted into the final year of the MTS (to meet residency requirements).
    • Not more than half of the credits used for a degree conferral at another seminary or graduate school may be transferred into a degree program at ACTS.
    • All transfer credits from previous studies must be presented for evaluation at the time of admission to ACTS. The maximum age of these transfer credits will normally be 10 years.

    Maximum transfer allowance into various programs are as follows:

    • Diploma - 6 hrs
    • Master of Divinity - 45 hrs
    • Master of Theological Studies - 18 hrs
    • Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy - 30 hrs
    • Master of Arts in Christian Studies - 18 hrs.
    • Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Ministries - 18 hrs
    • Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis - 19 hrs
    • Master of Theology - No transfer into the M.Th. program. Students must complete at least one year (30 semester hrs.) of study at ACTS to obtain a degree.
    • Doctor of Ministry - 6 hrs

    All degrees are granted only after a minimum of 30 semester hours of study defined as courses taken through ACTS or through one of the seminaries in ACTS.

    Classification of Students

    • FULL-TIME STUDENTS are registered in one of the degree or diploma programs and carrying at least 9 semester hours of course work in one semester.
    • PART-TIME STUDENTS are registered in one of the degree or diploma programs but carrying less than 9 semester hours of course work.
    • UNCLASSIFIED/NON-DEGREE STUDENTS are part-time students who are not registered in one of the degree or diploma programs.
    • CREDIT OR AUDIT COURSES are available to all occasional students qualifying as graduates of Bible colleges, Bible institutes, universities or as mature students (with at least 60 credits of undergraduate studies) who are capable of intensive study. When a "non-degree student" completes 12 semester hours, he/she may seek advice from the academic advising office to declare which program will be chosen to terminate the non-degree student status. An online Unclassified/Non-degree application may be submitted any time. Once admitted, a student may register for any course offered for which he/she qualifies.
    • No undergraduate degree?