ACTS Seminaries . . . Taking a step

ACTS Female Student

Perhaps it's time to step out and explore how seminary education at ACTS can prepare your mind and shape your heart for ministry? Men and women currently involved in ministry have found a way to sharpen their theological focus and ministry skills by attending full-time or part-time studies.

We understand your unique need to balance studies, ministry and family. Let us help you to develop a plan to further your education while you continue to serve in ministry. We will help you pursue a solid theological education and develop your ministry skills in a strong mentoring environment.

An Experience That Shapes You

While our academic programs form the core of the ACTS experience, ministry preparation, like life, doesn't just happen inside the classroom. So students have many other opportunities to learn and grow, both on campus and in the surrounding communities.

You will make friends with students from around the world who are just as passionate about knowing and serving God as you are. Our diverse student body come from Canada, USA, Israel, Hong Kong, South Africa, India, Korea, Japan and many other countries. This mixture of cultures, genders and denominational perspectives help to create a rich learning environment.

Most of our students continue to work while attending classes. The "real-world" questions and challenges they bring to the classroom help to further enhance the practical implications of what you are learning.

When it's time to take a break from studying, you can choose from all sorts of opportunities for recreation, both on and off campus. ACTS is located on the campus of Trinity Western University in Langley, BC, right in the heart of the lush Fraser Valley.

Go for a nature walk on campus or why not head into Vancouver for dinner? We're just a short drive away from beautiful outdoor vistas - mountains, forests and beaches, and thriving urban culture! Whether you enjoy hiking and biking or shopping, sightseeing or enjoying the arts, the surrounding communities and countryside will more than meet your needs.

A Mentoring Environment

Mentoring was the way Jesus led and taught His disciples. By spending time in close relationship with them, He passed on his Lyle Schrag with student 2knowledge and character, teaching and training them to carry on the ministry after He was gone.

Through a mentoring relationship, one person empowers another by sharing their God-given skills and resources. Mentors come alongside you to share their wisdom, widen your perspective, sharpen your skills, encourage you to reach your potential and open doors to help make it happen. Through it all, mentors get to know you deeply as they help you identify and respond to God's call on your life. ACTS provides several opportunities to help students develop dynamic mentoring relationships.

Faculty/Student Relationships

The primary mentoring relationship at ACTS is between professor and student. We recognize that exposure to a diverse group of mentors is the best way to prepare you to carry out a wide range of ministry tasks. That's why we have assembled a group of instructors who come from a variety of denominational and ministry backgrounds. Several of our faculty have written books or published recognized research. But more importantly, all are actively involved in ministry.

Ministry Experience

While studying at ACTS, students are actively involved in ministry. These opportunities allow you to develop your ministry skills and apply your knowledge while serving the community through various projects.

As you network with other experienced ministry leaders in your area, you can try your hand at several different tasks and create connections to build on after you graduate.

Contact ACTS Admissions Director, Liisa Polkki, at to find out how our programs can equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to step out boldly and respond to God's call.