Centres, Institutes, and Initiatives

ACTS and TWU sponsor several Centres, Institutes, and initiatives to promote specialized research and/or to offer resources for specific areas of ministry.

Institute for Christian Apologetics

Director: Dr. Paul Chamberlain

The Institute for Christian Apologetics is a division of ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University. It strives to provide graduate level education and relevant training in Christian apologetics in a vital learning community. Our aim is to equip believers to respond thoughtfully to the challenges Christians face. Apologetics is the defense of the Christian Faith and involves presenting Christian truth claims with relevance and credibility to today’s culture. The Institute for Christian Apologetics sponsors a variety of seminars and public events on campus and across the region. A specialization in contemporary apologetics is also available for students in the MDiv, MACS, and MTS degree programs.


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The John William Wevers Institute for Septuagint Studies

Director: Dr. Robert Hiebert

The Septuagint, the earliest Greek translation of the Old Testament and the Bible of the early Christian church, was one of the key religious texts in the third century B.C. Vancouver’s Trinity Western University launched the Septuagint Institute, a hub for Septuagint research, translation, and publication projects.


Smarter Families Canada

Chair: Dr. John Auxier

The purpose of Smarter Families Canada, as an educational outreach of ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University, is to equip local churches across Canada to become recognized centres of excellence for premarital counseling, marriage enrichment, parent education and recovery resources, in order to strengthen the institution of traditional marriage, to reduce the prevalence of divorce in our churches and communities, and to promote godly and healthy family relationships in our congregations.


The ACTS Centre for Ministry Excellence

Director: Dr. Kent Anderson

With University support and cooperation from the TWU Extension department, ACTS developed the Centre for Ministry Excellence (CME) in 2008. CME is an engine for the pursuit of creative initiatives that allow ACTS to assist our constituencies with leadership training and educational resource development in ways that fall outside the scope of traditional for-credit, campus-based programming. To date, much of CME’s energies have been focused on developing relationships with denominational and other ministry agencies that provide non-formal training to their members, helping these agencies to improve educational quality and opening pathways for ministry-based training to lead to for-credit Seminary degree programs. This initiative has included development of for-credit courses that can be taken as part of ministry-based training programs.


The Journey

Starting in 2007, the ACTS seminaries operated a small cooperative extension program in Edmonton, known as The Journey.  The Journey allowed ACTS to work more closely with students in central Alberta for five fruitful years. In 2012-13 it was decided that ACTS would discontinue operation of this program and redirect its energies toward a broader programming strategy that can continue to serve the needs of our students in Alberta and beyond. ACTS would like to thank Dr. Ed Stuckey for his leadership in directing The Journey these past years.
Click here to read the official announcement concerning the closing of The Journey and ACTS' plan for the future. The first two pages provide essential information, followed by a more detailed supplement for those interested.


The Religion in Canada Institute (RCI)

The Religion in Canada Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre and intellectual community of scholars at Trinity Western University committed to understanding the multifaceted role of religion in Canada for culture, individuals, and social institutions.