Canadian Pentecostal Seminary

Our Mission:

Our mission is to equip godly servant leaders for effective, strategic and empowered Christian ministry in Canada and around the world. We are committed to achieve the following goals:

  • To work within the framework of the Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS) in order to provide graduate theological training in a multi-denominational setting for students preparing for Christian service.
  • To enrich the personal and spiritual life of students by deepening their devotion to Jesus Christ, their knowledge of God, and their empowerment in the Holy Spirit.
  • To prepare Pentecostal students to receive ministerial credentials with their respective denominations through providing courses and training in Pentecostal distinctive subjects that help the student work effectively in Pentecostal contexts.
  • To produce graduates who can competently address the current Canadian mosaic in order to penetrate it with the Gospel by providing courses that expose them to both Biblically sound and culturally relevant scholarship.
  • To encourage thinking, writing and speaking abilities that will enable the student to make a contribution to Evangelical scholarship by sharpening their skills in a mentoring environment.
  • To promote a more effective working relationship between the local church and the seminary by linking with local congregations to provide church based courses intended to strengthen lay leadership and provide ministerial training.
  • To provide Christian leaders with accessible, affordable and strategic continuing education opportunities that enable them to apply new insights and skills in their ministry situations by taking Seminary education to learning centres throughout Western Canada.

Historical Profile:

Established in 1996, Canadian Pentecostal Seminary (CPS) prepares individuals for church leadership roles specifically within the Pentecostal traditions.

Members of the CPS Team:

  • President: Dr. Jim Lucas
  • Dean: Dr. Michael Wilkinson
  • Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies: Dr. Joanne Pepper

Members of the CPS Board of Governors:

  • Graham Baugh (Calgary AB)
  • Ron Davis (Langley BC)
  • Bill Gibson (Port Coquitlam BC)
  • Jim Lucas (Abbotsford BC)
  • Ken Russell (Surrey BC)


Canadian Pentecostal Seminary

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