Our Mission...

To develop godly servant leaders, who have a love and burden for people based on a strong commitment to Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the ministry of His church; who will strengthen, revitalize and actively multiply communities of effectively ministering believers in Canada and around the world.

Relationship of ACTS Seminaries to Trinity Western University

The Associated Canadian Theological Schools, known as ACTS Seminaries, was founded in 1988. Graduates receive their degree jointly from their respective seminary and TWU. Transcripts are also issued by TWU.

Associated Denominations

Students, representing other denominations, make up the other half of the student body. All students of Christian faith, who meet normal admission requirements, are welcome to attend.


In 1997, ACTS became an accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools. The ATS Commission on Accrediting voted to reaffirm accreditation of ACTS Seminaries for a period of ten years at their May 2002 meeting. TWU is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and the Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities.

Student Enrollment

ACTS: 400 students; TWU: over 4000 students

Citizenship Canadian Korean US Other
Percentage 66% 15% 11% 8%

Male to Female ratio: 3:2

Average Class Size: 12 students

Average age: 36


Located on the 100-acre campus of TWU, 45 minutes from Vancouver and 2.5 hours from Seattle.


ACTS currently has 18 core on campus faculty, as well as various adjunct, and visiting faculty.
An extensive list of our faculty can be found on our faculty page, along with their bio's.


The Housing office maintains an off-campus housing list of available accommodations and room & board opportunities in the local area. Off-Campus Housing List

Library Holdings

Over 406,000 items; 190,000 volumes in Biblical and Theological Studies.

TWU Library.

TWU Career and Counselling Centre

A registry of available positions in church ministry and para-church groups, a library of career information, computers to aid in formatting a résumé and counselors trained to assist in career planning. TWU Career Centre.

TWU Bookstore

Offers books, textbooks, CD music, gift items, cards, computer and school supplies. TWU Bookstore.

Distance Education

ACTS Seminaries offers programs with flexible scheduling and some distance courses via online. However, the degree programs can not be completed entirely through online courses as ATS, the accrediting agency, limits the application of distance courses to approximately one third of the course work for a degree program. Distance Education.

Interested in One Course?

Those interested in taking one course have the option of applying as a Part-time Non-degree student. This status allows a student to complete up to 12 semester hours at which time they will be required to apply to a program in order to continue. Individual course pre-requisites are necessary before enrolling.