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Fireside Apologetics
Gentle Answers | responding to Muslim critiques of the Bible

September 18, 2014

Join us for a time of learning and understanding from two scholars, Dr. Gordon Nickel and our own Dr. Paul Chamberlain, as they discuss the relationship of the Bible within Islam. There will be refreshments and a Q & A time included as well.


MinistryLift Equipping

MinistryLift Fall 2014
Equipping Conference

October 24-25, 8:30am-4pm at ACTS Seminaries or anywhere via lifestreaming.

For workshop details and more information, and to RSVP visit



Collateral Blessings

October 29, 5:30pm - 8:30pm at ACTS Fosmark Centre
A light dinner will be served
No cost for the event/dinner - but pay parking will be in effect

Any questions? Email Dr. Gloria J. Woodland or call: 604.513.2121 x3837




Greek For Breakfast

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Do You Want to Practice Hebrew?
Then join us in reading Hebrew, talking about Hebrew, and maybe even some speaking in Hebrew. Whether you only know the alefbeth, or are a proficient Hebrew scholar, you will benefit and enjoy your time. The Dead Language Society exists to promote and enjoy ancient languages. So we will engage ancient Hebrew by exploring a variety of texts written in ancient Hebrew, mostly from the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament, but also some noteworthy selections from the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mishnah, and other medieval works.

When: Wednesday mornings
Where: Deck Room, Fosmark Centre
Time: 7:30-8:30am
For any questions, email David Sigrist